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Follow the antics and adventures of The Cracked Pots at Cracked Pots on ‘CRACKED POTS.’

Five friends running their own pottery studio and trying to figure out how to navigate a world where they’re no longer the target demographic.

This is how we actually make handles. And yes, we know how it looks…

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  • Your Chance to Join Us

    Cracked Pots is Happening – But We Need Your Help They say it takes a village to raise a child. And Cracked Pots is in its infancy. We need help. Of course we need money. Everybody needs money. I won’t beat around the bush and get you to read through pages of warmups while I…


  • The Heck, What?

    Okay, so here’s the skinny. Alex was widowed and bored and lonely and pretty much broken. One day she up and decides to try a pottery class. She gets there and decides not only does she like pottery, but the women in her class look like they’d be fun to hang out with. After much…


  • A TV Hit In The Making

    Alex has embarked on the wondrous trail of learning how to write a screenplay, develop a television series, record a pilot episode, and convince someone to share it with the world. Of course, first she’ll have to figure out how to pay for the whole thing.


About Me


Writer, woman, mother, grandmother, potter, widow, builder, and moderately photogenic old gal. (I chose the au natural look for the photo so as not to intimidate anyone.)

Author of A Road To Joy, Alexandra Stacey is a Canadian with a quick wit and a foul mouth.