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Alexandra Stacey


Author of A Road To Joy, Alexandra Stacey is a Canadian with a quick wit and a foul mouth. Never one to admit defeat, this Master Manifester seems to just make things happen.

When one success leads to a bigger one, the cumulation of a lifetime, and there’s now a fair bit of pavement in the rearview, begins to make one think they can do anything.

Writing a book may be an accomplishment, but writing a screenplay has about as much in common as a dog learning how to fly. But the idea has announced itself, and Alex has no choice but to follow the path.

The mother of five, one of her biggest lessons hangs on the wall over her desk. Taught to her by her baby daughter, born with Down syndrome and presenting the biggest challenge of Alex’s life-so-far, the plaque simply reads:

From the moment that I decide, ‘I will,’
it does not matter that, ‘I can’t.’

Alexandra Stacey, 1999

And so, here we are. embarking on the next journey through tv land.

It probably helps that she has no idea what she’s doing. If she did, she’d probably give up.

You can reach Alex, or check out her stuff here:

But don’t bother with the social media links below. She hasn’t deleted her accounts, but doesn’t check them any more than she does her voicemail. It’s not personal. It’s self-preservation.