About the Show

Photo by mentatdgt on Pexels.com

Cracked Pots is not a show about pottery. You won’t learn anything about pottery. Though you may learn a lot about what not to do with clay.

Which isn’t to say you’re not going to see some cool pottery stuff. Because the show takes place in a pottery studio that belongs to a group of five seasoned and broken best friends. Five women who also really don’t have any idea how to actually run a pottery studio. They just wanted somewhere to hang out together and create.

Creating and connection is their therapy.

Life is hard. And it has a way of pulling the carpet from under our feet in the most inconvenient and despicable fashion.

One would think that, as we get older, we get better at handling the shit life likes to throw at us. And in a way, we do.

But we’re also tired and don’t really function as easily as we used to. So simple things like pain and injury, illness and weight gain, indigestion and hangovers, aren’t as easy to overcome as they used to be.

That’s why we need friends.

When you hang out with people who are more messed up than you are, you start to feel pretty good about yourself.

Cracked Pots will explore some serious issues: domestic assault, mental illness, grief, tragedy, betrayal. But when we experience the worst that life has to offer with friends who are standing right behind us to back us up, we can see the possibilities, and the humour.

Cracked Pots is a celebration of women, older women, friendship, and hope. Peppered with a generous dose of the inappropriate – we may consider releasing an X-rated soundtrack of The Sounds of Pottery – and a full helping of raunch and potty-mouth, it’ll be hard to tell where the reality stops and the fiction begins.

Join us on the journey to bringing Cracked Pots to life. Even if the whole thing fails miserably, it’ll still be a shit ton of fun!