Privacy Policy

Everything you share through this website becomes fodder for the owner/Cracked Pots. Your comments, ideas, suggestions, criticisms, words, images, videos, etc., once shared with anyone in connection with this website, its people, the show, etc. can all be used, in whole or in part, as we see fit.

In other words, if you message us an idea for an episode, we can use that, without compensation to or recognition of you.

That said, we’re not assholes. If we do use something you provided us with, we will do our level best to at least say thank you, to credit you as is appropriate, and if we feel is warranted, to send you a bouquet of flowers in our appreciation, as the budget allows.

We do, however, completely and wholly draw the line at anything that identifies your or your location. That shit is private and we share that info with NO ONE. (Of course, unless required by law, because lawyer fees to fight such a thing would put a huge dent in our kitty. So don’t send us anything that might get you into trouble.)

Other than that, if you have any doubt at all, don’t share it with us. And if you still want to share it and still have doubts, shoot us an email and run it by us. We’ll try to help, or at least make a compassionate effort to understand.