A TV Hit In The Making

The brainchild of Canadian writer, Alexandra Stacey, Cracked Pots is a lot of things.

It’s the name she dubbed her close-knit group of five friends who met once upon a time in a pottery class. The group now sells its wares under the moniker ‘Cracked Pots.’

So, when it looks to all the world like The Cracked Pots are having way too much fun and finding themselves in the middle of one hilarious adventure after another, even though they’re, well, old, the popular consensus is that Alex should write a book about them.

Alex Stacey, clueless, but that’s never stopped her.

Because she’s written a book before. Therefore, she should be able to write anything.

But it’s not a book. Or a blog. Or a movie.

It’s a sitcom.

And so, unable to not rise to a challenge, Alex has embarked on the wondrous trail of learning how to write a screenplay, develop a television series, record a pilot episode, and convince someone to share it with the world. Of course, first she’ll have to figure out how to pay for the whole thing.

No worries. She’ll just Google it.

Because The Cracked Pots are the inspiration for CRACKED POTS – a show about a group of friends who run their own pottery studio, aptly called Cracked Pots, despite the fact that none of them, much like their creator, have any clue what they’re doing. Pottery is just a metaphor for life.

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