Your Chance to Join Us

Cracked Pots is Happening – But We Need Your Help

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They say it takes a village to raise a child. And Cracked Pots is in its infancy. We need help.

Of course we need money. Everybody needs money. I won’t beat around the bush and get you to read through pages of warmups while I sneak into your wallet from behind. Straight up, watch here for the link to Cracked Pots Kickstarter campaign. Donate, share, spread the word, beg your friends, whatever. We need money to make this happen.

That said. We also need people. People who know their way around a script, or a grant proposal, or a production pitch. People who will act as beta readers. People who can help create a trailer. People who can brainstorm ideas and organize logistics. (Okay, I’m not sure what ‘organize logistics’ actually means, but it seems to fit the ask here.)

You know those bazillion names that scroll after the show that no one ever pays attention to? We need some people to start filling in those blanks.

Also, none of this pays anything. It’s an investment of time and energy. Into something fun and creative and exciting. (See Paragraph 2, above.)

So. If you think you have something to add, contribute, throw at us, let us know. Alex has absolutely no idea how this all works. She just knows what she has to do next. One step at a time, baby. One step at a time.

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